• How do I use the quick charger?
    Home screen > Start > Select charging method > Select payment method > Set amount > Start > Connect the connector.
  • If you tag your membership card on a public charger, authent…
    There can be various reasons for membership authentication failure, but the most common cause is disconnection of simple payment due to changes in registered simple payment information. After re-registering for easy payment through the website or mobile app, try using it again, and if the same problem occurs, please contact our customer center.
  • What should I do if I lose my membership card?
    You can apply for reissuance through membership card [Issuance application (reason: lost)] on the website or mobile app. If you wish to suspend a lost card, please contact our customer center.
  • Are membership cards sent separately?
    It will be automatically sent to the address you registered when you registered as a member. (It takes about 7 days on weekdays for mailing) After receiving the physical card, you can use it after registering and activating the card number on the APP.
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