Fast Charger for US
• Highly powerful, optimum charging performance
• User-friendly design and allows easy installation in narrow spaces
• Suitable for outdoor use with IP54 rating
• 12.1-inch full-color and touch LCD display to efficiently operate and monitor the charging status
• Enables easy integration with multiple plug type options
• Optional configuration of 1 or 2 guns provides the required flexibility
• Implement smart charging with OCCP 1.6
Fast Charger for US (100kW / 180kW)
Model Specification
Model North America (US)
Input Source 3Ø, AC480V ±10%
Max. Input Capacity 110kVA 198kVA
Rated Output Power 100kW (DC 1ch) 180kW (DC 1ch or 2ch)
Output Voltage Range CCS1 : 150 ~1000Vdc CHAdeMO : 150 ~ 500Vdc
Max Output Current 180A (DC 1ch) 90A (DC 2ch)
Voltage & Current Accuracy 1.0% @Full Scale
Efficiency > 94%
Protection Under Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection
Plug Type CCS1, CHAdeMO
Communication CAN, ISO / IEC15118, DIN70121, LAN, OCPP
IP Grade IP54
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 50°C (Option: -35 ~ 50°C)
Dimension (WxDxH, mm) 600 x 910 x 2000
Dimension (WxDxH, ft) 1.97 x 2.98 x 6.56
Payment RFID, Membership, Credit Card
Display 12.1” Touch LCD Display