EV Charger Specialist
PNE Systems specializes in manufacturing electric vehicle chargers. Having started in 2004 as PNE Solution,
a company specializing in battery charging and discharging, we have stood on a faster starting line
in the field of electric vehicle chargers.
Our early experience working with
automakers is also an important
asset for us.
Signed MOUs with Tesla, GM, Honda, and Lexus to provide users with
everything from cars to E-Bus We have been researching more
suitable products and building technology beyond the standard
of the market.
Sustainable and Innovative
Mobility Technology
Sustainable technology based on long experience
is the biggest competitiveness of PNE Systems.
Global Partnership
The EV era is approaching with automotive OEMs, CPOs, and construction companies
around the world We are working to build a charging infrastructure.
PNE Systems is a company specializing in electric vehicle chargers,
and since its establishment in 2004, Starting with the establishment
of the first Jungbu Expressway charging infrastructure, Jeju Island, Japan,
and the United States We are working hard for the future electric vehicle
era by establishing a global charging infrastructure.
Year 2004
CEO Ahn Hee-eun
Location 16, Omokcheon-ro 132beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu,
Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Business EV charger manufacturing
Workers 50 people
Certificate CE, UL, CHADeMo, KC certification, ISO 9001, etc.
2020 - 2022
Supplied slow 7kW, rapid 50kW chargers to Hyundai E&C sites nationwide
Development of billing outlet and QR payment system
Rapid 100kW class, 200kW class dual charging system development and preparation for certification
Preparation for development and certification of entry-level, high-end home chargers and slow chargers
North American and European rapid charger development and preparation for certification
V2H charger development and preparation for Japanese certification
Concluded a unit price contract with Hyundai E&C nationwide (fast, slow, charging type charger, etc.)
Development and supply of distributed charging support dispensers and power banks for electric buses
Acquired OCPP 1.6 certification for dispenser (150kW, 2Ch)
Acquisition of Japanese certification for 100kW class HYBRID rapid charger and mass production supply (export to Japan)
Mass production and supply of battery packs for information communication base stations (5G)
2004 - 2019
Selected as an electric charging business by the Ministry of Environment
Establishment of high-capacity charging system for electric buses
Establishment of apartment built-in charging system
Registered as a supplier of LEXUS automobile rapid charger
Mass production of battery packs for electric buses (257kWh class) and supply
Acquisition of Business Registration Certificate for Information and Communication Corporation
Registered as a HONDA automotive rapid charger supplier
Signed MOU with Chinese company G for solar inverter hybrid PCS business
Mass production and supply of 6kW class OBC for electric trucks
Delivered hybrid chargers to Hawaii/Arizona, USA
Selected as a promising small and medium business in Gyeonggi-do
Acquisition of electric construction business registration certificate
Establishment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Dominica and Colombia
Establishment of PV/ESS microgrid in Maldives (1.3MW class)
Selected as a venture company, selected as a promising company to enter the overseas procurement market, and won the 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
Established 200 rapid KEPCO and 1500 home chargers by the Ministry of Environment
Tesla Business Cooperation MOU Signed
Started exporting 50kW class HYBRID rapid charger to Japan
Central and South America Charging Infrastructure Feasibility Study
Signed MOU with El Huri Group in Ecuador
KEPCO Smart Grid Station 21 Branch ESS Implementation
Established P&E Systems
Established an affiliated research institute
Acquired ISO 9001:14001 certification
Signed MOU with GM to expand supply of EV charging infrastructure
CHAdeMO certification for Japan's Jinki Motors rapid charger standard
Participated in pilot project for electric vehicle rapid charger in Jungbu Expressway
Participation in Jeju smart grid demonstration project Establishment of charging INFRA
Development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure system
Development of EV battery pack and EV electronic parts
Established PNE Solution (now Wonik P&E)