EV Charger
Based on the times of PNE Systems that we have walked so far,
We launch a new brand to get closer to users.
With confidence in
quality and technology,
It contains the meaning of
guaranteeing 100% satisfaction
in any environment and zero problems.
We will realize the technology that
the next generation of users expect
and experience with
the technology in front of their eyes.
The Way We Should Go
Mexero's departure has already begun 10 years ago.
With our insistence on quality and the trust we have built up to now,
we will move forward as a brand that puts users first.
Intuitive charger for everyone
We are at a new turning point where we start to encounter electric vehicle chargers all over the place, beyond the time when we were looking for a gas station in a fixed place.
Because we need to connect with your car more often than ever before, we set user-centered design as a common goal and share that value with all members. From the user's point of view, making an electric vehicle charger that anyone can use conveniently and safely is our goal.
Quickly and Correctly
Quality is something we cannot compromise on.
For the past 10 years, the attitude of executives and employees working on the right quality has not changed. Thanks to that, the experience of quality accumulated layer by layer soon became our know-how. The problem of charger quality is not just a problem that can be 'fixed'. This is because the user's time to find the charger is wasted, which can lead to a loss of trust in the service and users. We fully sympathize with these problems, so we spare no research and time for quality improvement.
Battery Expert
PNE Systems starts with batteries. A charger made by a company at the forefront of the turning point in the battery market.
This is our competitive edge that we can be confident about. Unlike now, where electric vehicles are easily available, when we started the charger business in early 2010, electric car chargers were not in the limelight. However, we are confident in the future and have been involved in sensitive/government-led charger infrastructure expansion projects for close to 10 years. Our departure has already begun 10 years ago. And through a lot of trial and error during that time, you can be confident of the stable quality now.